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mystery girls glitch

Digital Collage Set

Interpretation of a stock image juxtaposed against other unique images using collage.

dinah cover image glitch

Dinah, Cat’s Cradle Triptych

At the end of 2020 I was commissioned by a cat named Dinah to make a gift for her father.

jacob smigel glitch

Jacob Smigel, “If I Were Me” Album Art

I’ve know Jacob Smigel through the creative community for close to 20 years. I was lucky enough to meet him as a touring musician when I was running…

Video: Collage Process

Here’s a brief video I made while making a collage today.

JRC folded paper boat and Kolaj Magazine

Kolaj Fest 2018: The Seaside Fleet (New Orleans)

Last month* I was invited to bring The Seaside Fleet to New Orleans, to be featured at Kolaj Fest, a festival and symposium about contemporary collage. The event was…

Faust 2013 jrc onewordlong

Faust 2013: A Collaborative Arts Interpretation

I was recently invited to take part in a panel about the challenges of presenting collage at museums, galleries and other arts organizations (more about that in another…

by JRC 2018

round politicians, 3 new collages

Three new collages. I’ve stumbled into playing with circles. Circles are really radical when you’re used to letting the shape of paper–almost always a rectangle–determine layout.  There’s a…

Album Art: The Invisible Teal, Debt and Quandaries

I’ve made hundreds of postcards, posters, and flyers for art exhibits, theatrical events, and concerts. It’s fun work compared to the emotional labor that creating art can sometimes…

gif version of digital print collage

Home by the Sea (collage gif)

  I was working on a lot of bits and pieces of different collages these past couple weeks, and this made it to the finish line first. There’ll…

Three Recent Collages, the end of 2016

Haven’t posted any collage in a while, but I worked on these three piece, on-and-off for a bit. I bought a handful of random magazines from my local…