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wondermark is a great webcomic

The Power of Collage! (Wondermark, David Malki, Squirrel Girl)

David Malki, creator of WONDERMARK, contributed a page to issue 9 (V2) of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (if you’re not reading it, you really should be). In the…

collage gif by JRC

New Gif: Floating Head of Doom

  This new piece is comprised of fewer images, and all together simpler than my earliest from this series. It is though, composed of some of the first…

richard case art (remixed)

Influences Part 1: David Bowie, Cut-up Writing

No matter what genre of music, film, or art you like, the number artists and creative celebrities passing since the start of 2016 has been staggering. Putting the…

a new gif.

New Gif: Head Office

Here’s another new gif. This one took me about 10 days to tinker into existence, originally it was going to be much more … blunt is the word…

the double

A brief introduction to Double Take, a Collage Movie

I stumbled across Double Take a few months ago while it happened to be on Netfilx—I can’t imagine how often it was watched there, but I was taken…

Let Me Be (a quote via gallery)