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fundraiser JRC AIOP Seaside Fleet

My journey to 2021’s Art in Odd Places comes with a financial responsibility. Like most art festivals, I’ll need to pay to get there, cover lodging, food, and other costs.

JRC, collage

Kolaj Fest: French Quarter Sounds

There is no end to the ways artists create, and no end to the ways they survive and thrive in the economic market. New Orleans is packed with…

JRC folded paper boat and Kolaj Magazine

Kolaj Fest 2018: The Seaside Fleet (New Orleans)

Last month* I was invited to bring The Seaside Fleet to New Orleans, to be featured at Kolaj Fest, a festival and symposium about contemporary collage. The event was…

Album Art: The Invisible Teal, Debt and Quandaries

I’ve made hundreds of postcards, posters, and flyers for art exhibits, theatrical events, and concerts. It’s fun work compared to the emotional labor that creating art can sometimes…

The Owls says "Who?"

onewordlong website upgrade

I’ve been posting at onewordlong for about 4 years now, and while I like the WordPress format a lot, I’ve also always wanted something just a bit more…

New Installation, May 4, Santa Fe Springs, The Seaside Fleet

I’ll be presenting a new installation at Santa Fe Springs Art Fest on Friday May 4th. “The Seaside Fleet” will be on view at at the Clarke Estate…

Three Recent Collages, the end of 2016

Haven’t posted any collage in a while, but I worked on these three piece, on-and-off for a bit. I bought a handful of random magazines from my local…

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Cat Pee

Been very busy lately, doing some cleaning… This could take a while.

millions of unusual creatures lurking everwhere

What I’ve been up to: January 2016

End of year rush has forced me to be choosy about what I work on. Over at the blog, my wife and I have put up a few…

At the Arizona Capitol Museum: Political Cartoons in AZ History

Noon @ the Arizona Capitol Museum: Amazing Arizona Comics & Steve Benson talk Political Cartoons! FREE!