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dinah cover image glitch

Dinah, Cat’s Cradle Triptych

At the end of 2020 I was commissioned by a cat named Dinah to make a gift for her father.

jacob smigel glitch

Jacob Smigel, “If I Were Me” Album Art

I’ve know Jacob Smigel through the creative community for close to 20 years. I was lucky enough to meet him as a touring musician when I was running…

Video: Collage Process

Here’s a brief video I made while making a collage today.

by JRC 2018

round politicians, 3 new collages

Three new collages. I’ve stumbled into playing with circles. Circles are really radical when you’re used to letting the shape of paper–almost always a rectangle–determine layout.  There’s a…

gif version of digital print collage

Home by the Sea (collage gif)

  I was working on a lot of bits and pieces of different collages these past couple weeks, and this made it to the finish line first. There’ll…

gif: Your Departure Versus the Hindenburg

by Richard Brautigan (for Diana) I made this for my fiance for our recent anniversary. It is only the second or third gif I’ve completed. In addition to…