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Shapereader: Tactile Language

Shapereader is tactile language designed to allow the creation of universally accessible narrative works of tactile literature . . . Shaperader is comics book for the blind, and others…

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Cat Pee

Been very busy lately, doing some cleaning… This could take a while.

(georgia o'keeffe's apartment)

A Collage

I was messing around, working to develop my GIMP skills, and created this collage today. Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, it can’t hurt to upload…

wondermark is a great webcomic

The Power of Collage! (Wondermark, David Malki, Squirrel Girl)

David Malki, creator of WONDERMARK, contributed a page to issue 9 (V2) of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (if you’re not reading it, you really should be). In the…

richard case art (remixed)

Influences Part 1: David Bowie, Cut-up Writing

No matter what genre of music, film, or art you like, the number artists and creative celebrities passing since the start of 2016 has been staggering. Putting the…

Motivation and Starting Early

I ran across this today via boingboing: “Sitting Bull: A Life Story” as told in in comic form. I recommend taking a look at it, not necessarily because it’s by…

Achewood Chris Onstad

Achewood, Language & Realism in the Face of Absurdity

Unarguably one of the best comics of the past 15 years, Achewood* continues to gain new fans and maintain undiminished luster, despite having not produced a regular story…

3 Experiments: vintage photos and illustrations

Three mixed media sketches constructed in Photoshop Above, Floating Head of Doom (9 layer experiment)  Below, Floating Head of Doom (5 layer experiment) Above, Dick Powell in Phoenix (2 layers with color adjustments)  


Silhouettes, clip art. Keystones and comics