I was messing around, working to develop my GIMP skills, and created this collage today. Since I haven’t posted anything in a while, it can’t hurt to upload it…

(georgia o'keeffe's apartment)

abstract collage

There’s a handful of elements in here. I wasn’t tracking them as I made it, so let me see if I can remember everything:

-Image taken from “I’m A Cop” issue three, the story “Broadway Cop”. Pencils and inks by Bob Powell.
-Image taken from “Anarcho Dictator of Death” (1947). Pencils and inks by Al Carreno. Both of the above available on various free expired copyright comic archives.
-Photo of the Baltimore Social Security Office, take in 1965 by Henri Dauman. Found on the Library of Congress image catalog.
-The owl was found on the Internet Archive, in partnership with Flickr. It was tagged “games”, so was the spiral image.
-The white to black benday dot gradation was found on a public domain pictures site, labeled as such.
-The words were adapted from a quote by Georgia O’Keeffe, “I don’t very much enjoy looking at paintings in general. I know too much about them. I take them apart.

I think that’s everything. Like I said, this was really more of skill building piece. I’m using gimp a lot right now, and enjoying it, but there’s plenty I still don’t know how to do. I find the wand selecting tool to be very accurate (more so than the photoshop version) however, it is also less smooth, so the edges tend to have a very identifiable pixel boarder. I like wand, dodge/burn tools, but the clone tool doesn’t doesn’t have the fidelity I’m looking for. I’d like to try printing this, and others out, to see how they visually hold up as physical images.

Were I to go back into this piece, I probably would have added some color and modeling to the benday dots, just to get rid of their bright white nothing, and maybe done something to blend the [viewer] top left area into the rest of the image. I’m thinking of working in hard copy again. I haven’t for years, but when I did it helped me get strong results quick, and figure out my ideas quicker. Next week I’m going out of town and brining my film camera, it’ll give me a chance to catch some new visuals and see where those might come in next.

Incidentally, I haven’t abandoned my series of gif ‘trading cards’, but I want to work in some better/fresher technique/vocabulary, and quick pieces like this are a way to build to it.

Thanks for looking.