Los Angeles Artist JRC Selected for
Art in Odd Places 2021: NORMAL
New York City
May 2021

Who: JRC, LA based multidisciplinary collage artist.
What: Art in Odd Places 2021: NORMAL, the annual public performance festival in NYC. (AiOP)
Where: New York City, Ave C – Ave 11th on 14th St.
When: May 14th – 16th.
Why: This year’s theme is NORMAL, and the world is anything but.
Art In Odd Place 2021: NORMAL:
aiopnyc [at] gmail [dot]com (attention Media)
Additional info:
JRC has a lot of work to catch up on. Before May he needs to research the history of New York’s historic 14th Street, write essays about it, create a pattern to commemorate the past year of national/worldwide chaos, recruit volunteer assistants, hand-fold 1000 paper boats where those patterns and essays will be seen, confirm his COVID-negative status, raise travel funds, and find a safe way to get from his home in South Central LA, to Manhattan Island.

folded paper boats by JRC
Detail, The Seaside Fleet,
by JRC 2018

All of this work is dedicated to the artist’s first invitation to perform in New York City. “The Seaside Fleet: 14th Street, NYC” by JRC is a project of Art in Odd Places 2021: NORMAL curated by Furusho von Puttkammer, with curatorial assistants Yasmeen Abdallah, Lorelle Pais, and Natalie Ortiz. Started by artist Ed Woodham in 2005, the annual event is dedicated to “stretching the boundaries of communication in the public realm by presenting artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations.”

The 2021 theme NORMAL is a critique of the American-defined “normal” and a direct response to the chaos we’ve been experiencing as a nation for [at least] the past year. JRC is among 61 artists chosen to participate, creators from across the country and around the world, who work in diverse combinations of styles.

SSF NYC logo
The Seaside Fleet: 14th Street NYC logo

JRC’s project, “The Seaside Fleet: 14th Street, NYC” is an ongoing traveling public installation and performance featuring 1000 hand-folded paper boats that he distributes across a given area. In this case, he’ll dot the 2.2 miles of 14th street from Avenue C to the Hudson River with his custom boats.

JRC had this to say, “This is my first time bringing The Fleet to NYC. Normally this project is a calm cerebral experience for me. This year I have a lot of anxious energy bottled up—don’t we all—and I’m interested to see how my feelings manifest in the building and execution of the “14th Street NYC” edition, and how the public relates to it.” Previous installations of “The Seaside Fleet” have been performed in Phoenix AZ, New Orleans LA, Santa Fe Springs CA, Buffalo NY, and smaller versions at more locations. 

JRC has been creating art with paper boats since 1999 when he became the Artist-in-Residence for “The Dreamboat Research Project”. Additionally he has worked as a gallery owner/curator, Assistant Museum Director, writer/publisher, and performance artist. For more information about his work, and how to support it, the public is invited to visit: and

Fresh boats for NYC

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