My journey to 2021’s Art in Odd Places comes with a financial responsibility. Like most art festivals, I’ll need to pay to get there, cover lodging, food, and other costs. Of course Covid complicates all of this, I’ll need to arrive several days before the festival in order to quarantine, which adds a lot to the expenses.

I’m not in too bad a spot financially luckily, but I haven’t worked much in the past year. Adding a potential $2,500.00 debt this will still be a big burden. I can’t handle it alone, so I am asking for the help of my friends, peers, and fans. Please take a look below at the rewards I am offering, and if you can help me please consider making a purchase.

If you would like to make a donation without receiving a reward, please use the paypal gift option, or venmo me at JRCOWL. Sharing this on your social media to spread the word would also be a great help. Thank you, JRC

A. $1: Boat Naming Rights: For every donation of $1 and up will get your name written on a paper boat that’ll be used at my NYC performance.

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B. $10: Paper Boat Postcard: A one-of-a-kind collage postcard by me, mailed from NYC during the AiOP fest.  +Name on a paper boat. (Included image is a sample, final product will be boat themed)

C. $25: JRC Art Pack: one of my giclee prints (your choice), plus one of my printed postcard (randomly selected) and a brand new ‘Seaside Fleet NYC’ pin on a display card. +Name on a paper boat.

Select Your Print By Name From The Above Images

D. $50: Original JRC Collage. A 7×7” collage made by me. These pieces will be started after AiOP, and mailed before the end of 2021. After AiOP we’ll video chat about your piece. Then I’ll make the collage using your themes, and even use your images if you wish. +Name on a boat.

Reward Level

If you would like to make a donation without receiving a reward, please use the paypal gift option, or venmo me at JRCOWL. Would you like to commission something more? DM me to talk (onewordlong [at] gmail [dot] com).

Thank you very much for your support with this project, and for all your encouragement since I started working on my artistic goals again these past few years. Despite the ongoing strife we’re dealing with, I am looking forward to the rest of 2021 and seeing where my art leads me.

~If you don’t use paypal, I can also accept funds via venmo and zelle.
~Prices are for US shipping only, please contact me if you’re outside the US and would like to help.
~I do my best to scan original art I make so in the unlikely event pieces lost in the mail (hasn’t happened yet) can be replaced digitally or with prints. Where possible items will ship with insurance, however postcards are sent with a First Class stamp without insurance.
~Questions? Drop me a note via email or social media, I’m happy to answer questions where I can.