Laste last year, I started taking my collages to small art fairs around LA. I’ve met a bunch of cool artists who’ve welcomed this outsider to participate in their scene. In January I got myself invited to table at a DIY art sale in downtown LA, hosted by Knack Ink Collective, Pins Pins Pins. I was stoked to wrangled the invite.

The event was themed around custom enamel–or cloisonne–pins, which unfortunately isn’t a thing I do yet–someday but not now). I do have a 1.25″ professional button press though and back in Phoenix I used to make runs for the gallery I ran and Simpsons trivia nights I co-hosted. The idea of incorporating buttons into new collages felt like a good challenge, because I didn’t want to make the collage feel secondary or disposable, nor I didn’t want the works as a whole to feel like a weak gimmick. I also wanted to be able to make them live at the show.

I’m happy to say it was a successful experiment: I had a good time, met some more folx, and sold a few pieces. I’ve also kept making the button collages, because I really like how they come out . . .

If you’re interested, drop me a note, if they’re not marked sold, I can still ship them to you. I’ll also keep adding more of these to my gallery page, so check there to see my other collages, and new button pieces.