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the double

A brief introduction to Double Take, a Collage Movie

I stumbled across Double Take a few months ago while it happened to be on Netfilx—I can’t imagine how often it was watched there, but I was taken…

Let Me Be (a quote via gallery)

I was experimenting with the WordPress Presentation function, trying to mimic the page turn effect of a book, hoping it worked something like a powerpoint. But Presentations aren’t…

3 Experiments: vintage photos and illustrations

Three mixed media sketches constructed in Photoshop Above, Floating Head of Doom (9 layer experiment)  Below, Floating Head of Doom (5 layer experiment) Above, Dick Powell in Phoenix (2 layers with color adjustments)  


What are these strange and silly pictures?

The images I’ve posted here are built from old comic books, some free-use fonts, and a couple other scans and findings. I have a resource stack of many…