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My journey to 2021’s Art in Odd Places comes with a financial responsibility. Like most art festivals, I’ll need to pay to get there, cover lodging, food, and other costs.

May 14-16: The Seaside Fleet: 14th Street, NYC

JRC has a lot of work to catch up on. Before May he needs to research the history of New York’s historic 14th Street, write essays about it, create a pattern to commemorate the past year of national/worldwide chaos, recruit volunteer assistants, hand-fold 1000 paper boats . . .

Digital Collage Set

Interpretation of a stock image juxtaposed against other unique images using collage.

Dinah, Cat’s Cradle Triptych

At the end of 2020 I was commissioned by a cat named Dinah to make a gift for her father.

Jacob Smigel, “If I Were Me” Album Art

I’ve know Jacob Smigel through the creative community for close to 20 years. I was lucky enough to meet him as a touring musician when I was running…

Bloom Phase, “Stupid King” single artwork

A while back I posted these analog/digital pieces that have a political slant. I don’t normally overtly inject politics into my art. It’s always there, I like to…

Button Collages

Laste last year, I started taking my collages to small art fairs around LA. I’ve met a bunch of cool artists who’ve welcomed this outsider to participate in…

Creation Myth, A Video Collage

The creative process for Creation Myth started when I found an issue of “The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls” a 1960s children’s magazine. The issue had several…

Mail Art: Three Postcard Collages (plus one)

Mail Art is one of the most welcoming and vibrant art communities in the world. It took off in the 1960s, with a whimsical esthetic as varied as…

Video: Collage Process

Here’s a brief video I made while making a collage today.