Incomplete Map by JRC

                                   Incomplete Map

After a long time experimenting with gif making, some dead ends and successes, I’ve finished another piece that I like enough to post. This could be the start of series, I don’t know yet. I made it in GIMP, the freeware photoshop-like design software.

“Incomplete Map” is composed of two public domain images: the photo of the solar eclipse is by Carleton Watkins taken in 1889. I got it from the Getty’s open content program. The map was found on The Public Domain Review, a page from the Celestial Atlas of Flamsteed (1795). The eclipse moves a little faster than I like, so I might play with it a bit more. If printed this piece would be the size of a standard playing card, about 2.5″ across and 3.5″ tall which is part of the design.