I was experimenting with the WordPress Presentation function, trying to mimic the page turn effect of a book, hoping it worked something like a powerpoint. But Presentations aren’t that adaptable. It looks like the closest I can get using built-in WP tools is the Gallery option. Here’s how that looks:

Other than that giant top image, I think it looks pretty good.
The quote is from Betty Smith’s iconic novel, “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”.

I’m using images from various comics, vintage photos, and commercial illustrations, including:
“Cliff Merritt & the Very Candid Candidate” (1965)
“Exotic Romances” (1956)
“I’m A Cop” (1954)
“Popular Teen-Agers” (1953)
“Judy Joins the Waves” (1951)
“Spice O’ Life” (1926)

As well as a few photos free of rights restrictions, found in various digital archives. As these pieces get more complicated and move away from just experiments, I will keep adding info about where the images comes from, being as specific as I can.