a new gif.

                                                             Head Office

Here’s another new gif. This one took me about 10 days to tinker into existence, originally it was going to be much more … blunt is the word I’d use. It turned out a lot simpler, I stripped away a few unnecessary elements, and it is better for it.

The primary image is of the Johnson Wax Building taken in 1969, I found it on Library of Congress-dot-gov and is in the public domain. The clip art image in the lower corner was complied from a couple different pieces of clip art.  Although you can’t see it, at the base of the entire is a cardboard texture from the Flickr commons by J. Gardner of The Shoreways design resources group.

The word floating by came from the Corporate Gibberish Generator created by Andrew Davidson which is made to create “buzzword speak” employed by so many soulless corporations.

It might not be apparent at first but this piece was inspired by old pre-1980s baseball cards–hence the need for a cardboard foundation. I’ve never followed sports aside from my consideration of pro wrestling, but I’ve always loved graphic design from the pre-computer era in products like trading cards, industry specific magazines like Pizzaz or Teen Beat, video game packaging, off brand action figures, and the like.

I think my next step is to make a ”back” for this card, with whatever stats a corporate office would have to report.