Three new collages. I’ve stumbled into playing with circles. Circles are really radical when you’re used to letting the shape of paper–almost always a rectangle–determine layout.  There’s a fair amount of digital editing in these, I recently got the newest photoshop CC, and am using its tools. The round shape though came up because I also got a bunch of drawing templates from Goodwill, triangles, ovals, circles, and more.

JRC, 2018

round politicians,
JRC 2018

by JRC 2018

round politicians 2

round politicians, JRC, collage art, 2018

round politicians 3 (rock city)

All the imagery from these comes from “Pictorial Encyclopedia of American History” Vol. 21, “Year 1972, Crusading For Peace–Election Upholds Goals”. Published by the United States History Society. In part 3 of this triptych there’s a small piece from a collectable program from the roadside attraction “Rock City”.

JRC 2018

sketches for “round politicians” triptych.