I’ll be presenting a new installation at Santa Fe Springs Art Fest on Friday May 4th. “The Seaside Fleet” will be on view at at the Clarke Estate from 3-11pm.

The Clarke Estate is a 60 acre property designed and built by architect Irving Gill in 1919.

“Using the feeling of Mediterranean and Mission Revival architecture, he designed this house without ornamentation. In describing his design philosophy, he wrote that architects “must have the courage to fling aside every device that distracts the eye from structural beauty.” As a result of his philosophy, he became one of the most influential architects of this century.”

The home is now used for private functions, and community events like the festival. I like simple design, and am looking forward to seeing how my hand folded boats work in Mr. Gill’s environment.

The SFS Art Fest is an annual event, and  looks like it’ll have an joyful eclectic atmosphere with a wide variety of fine and performing arts. I’m looking forward to seeing what is on display. Here are some samples of the pieces that will make up my installation: