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donald trump is terrible and should not be president

Wrestling with the Voting Public

`I’ve been thinking a lot about the presidential election, and what I believe nearly everyone missed about the Trump campaign method. Trump presented himself as a laughable candidate to…

coffee and conversation

What Makes Nighthawks Important

It is unimportant that Nighthawks is based on a real place. What is special about it, is that we know how what those people are feeling.

Collages: Cloudy Eye, and Collage with 3 Men and a House Boat

Two more original collages. One I enjoy, another not so much. Let’s start with the lesser… I wanted to do some pieces not using any comic book elements,…

Installation art "The State Hospital" Edward Klienholts

Joke Origins: I wish I could retire / The State Hospital

I blog at another site, FLIMSpringfield.net where a friend and I muck about with the classic Simpsons years, and their relation to media tropes. Basically, it’s an excuse to…

What I’ve Been Up To. Productivity

I never expected I would let this blog go as long as I have without working on it.  That is the exact opposite of the reason I started…


What are these strange and silly pictures?

The images I’ve posted here are built from old comic books, some free-use fonts, and a couple other scans and findings. I have a resource stack of many…