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Dinah, Cat’s Cradle Triptych

At the end of 2020 I was commissioned by a cat named Dinah to make a gift for her father.

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Jacob Smigel, “If I Were Me” Album Art

I’ve know Jacob Smigel through the creative community for close to 20 years. I was lucky enough to meet him as a touring musician when I was running…

glitch king

Bloom Phase, “Stupid King” single artwork

A while back I posted these analog/digital pieces that have a political slant. I don’t normally overtly inject politics into my art. It’s always there, I like to…

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Button Collages

Laste last year, I started taking my collages to small art fairs around LA. I’ve met a bunch of cool artists who’ve welcomed this outsider to participate in…

Creation Myth, A Video Collage

The creative process for Creation Myth started when I found an issue of “The Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls” a 1960s children’s magazine. The issue had several…

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Mail Art: Three Postcard Collages (plus one)

Mail Art is one of the most welcoming and vibrant art communities in the world. It took off in the 1960s, with a whimsical esthetic as varied as…

Video: Collage Process

Here’s a brief video I made while making a collage today.

JRC, collage

Kolaj Fest: French Quarter Sounds

There is no end to the ways artists create, and no end to the ways they survive and thrive in the economic market. New Orleans is packed with…

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Kolaj Fest 2018: Curatorial Issues in Collage

In addition to bringing The Seaside Fleet to New Orleans, I was also asked to participate on a panel about the curatorial issues involved in exhibiting collage. Hans…

JRC folded paper boat and Kolaj Magazine

Kolaj Fest 2018: The Seaside Fleet (New Orleans)

Last month* I was invited to bring The Seaside Fleet to New Orleans, to be featured at┬áKolaj Fest, a festival and symposium about contemporary collage. The event was…